Isnin, 13 Julai 2015

2015 Long Stories

Fuhhh!!! berhabuk sudah....

Long time i didn't write here... after broken hurt! (Cewaah,,, over sgt!)
2015 is quite challenging for me, after i lose someone that i like so much...
almost 1 years... Huh! so fast....
Now i starting my new life, i tried to forget.. but sometime i still feel it.

"How can i move on,
when your fingerprint are still on my heart
and your voice still resonates down to my toes
and your smile lives in my eyes
and everytime my mind wanders it goes directly to you"

This is my feeling before this... after a few month you leave me without any word.
This years quite sadness year for our family..
I lose my uncle (Pklong) after he suffered from Kidney problem. It was before fasting month
,then i lose my aunt (Mk Ngah) on the first week of fasting. Not to long, my Nenek Sedare (Nek Biq) followed them.

Dear Allah, semoga kau ampun dosa2 meraka, dan kau tempat meraka dikalangan org y beriman. Ameen

Now a few day more before raya... i know some guys from Wechat that very cute, sweet but MANJA and kuat cemburu.
For the first is nothing, just to be a friends but akhirnye melalut smpai bersyg2.... without declare anything.... Huh! aq pon layankn aje... ape nak jadi?? nth ler.. hahahah
i bet with Kak Baq, only after a week , he will not send any chat to me!.. so wait after a weeklaa!
I'm happy to know him, he too MANJA, too Jeles.... and really cutes... huhuhuhu.... without declare anything, he tried to control me... kadang i feel OK but sometime annoying.... rasa cm dlu2 time bercintan cintun
Hahahahha.. Kakak rasa kakak da suka dia.. tp kakak takut dia main2kn hati kakak y baru nak baik kakak xberani nk over2 feeling ni,..... tp kakak sng Fallen love kot! so guana
Bulan2 pose ni kakak harap Allah permudahkn segalanya... no more broken hurt...
Kakak Juga nak Mntak maap kt semua y kenal kakak dlm ni ( ajet2 ade reader)... sbb esok lusa dah nak raya...
Selamat hari raya maap zahir batin
Tahun ni agak2 dapat lagi x duit raya... huuhuhuh.....
Dear sang Jauh.... i always keep my pray for you even we are far...
Dear Sang Dekat... Thanks to make me happy, i'm sorry if i always bother your bz day, but please always keep in touch

Tahun depan pulak baru update... uhuhuhu... Adioz Amigoz


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